On-site PD

On-site PD

Blended & Face-to-Face Professional Development

Sometimes online courses aren’t the right solution for your school/district. EdvocatePD can provide on-site face-to-face training covering any of the course topics in our course directory. We can even start a course at your school in a face-to-face setting and participants can then complete the full course content online.

Fees for Partial-day (3 and a half hours)

1 – 15 participants…….$750
16 – 30 participants….$1000
31 – 45 participants…..$1250
46 – 60 participants….$1,500
61+ participants………..$1,750

Fees for Full-day (7 hours)

1 – 15 participants…….$1,500
16 – 30 participants….$2,000
31 – 45 participants…..$2,500
46 – 60 participants….$3,000
61+ participants………..$3,500

Note: The requesting organization is responsible for the cost of meals, materials duplication costs and any facility rental costs.

To request our custom PD service, call EdvocatePD at (601) 630-5238, or email us at mlynch@theedadvocate.org.

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