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Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers

Prepare for Educator Certification Exams: Our courses can be used to prepare for subject area teacher and administrator certification exams. We aligned all of our courses with The Praxis Series and state-specific teacher and administrator certification exams.

Survive Your First Five Years: Within their first five years, fifty percent of all new teachers leave the field for good. Our courses ensure that you will not become another statistic. Our courses will provide you with the skills that you will need to become a master teacher by year five.

Certificate Programs: Everyone who completes one of our courses has the option of printing out a course completion certificate. Also, students can earn program certificates for completing one of our certificate programs.

National Board Certification: All of our courses are aligned with National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification Standards. Taking our courses can help you make it through the rigorous NBPTS process.

CEUs: Many districts allow teachers and administrators to use our courses for continuing education units (CEUs).


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