Competency-Based Learning

Competency-Based Learning

At EdvocatePD, we believe that true learning occurs only when students walk away with skills and competencies that they can immediately implement. That is why all of our courses are competency based. This type of learning leads to better student engagement because the content is relevant to each student and tailored to their unique needs. It also leads to better student outcomes because the pace of learning is customized to each student. By enabling students to master skills at their pace, competency-based learning systems help to save both time and money.

What is Competency-Based Learning?

Competency-Based Learning combines an intentional and transparent approach to curricular design with an academic model in which the time it takes to demonstrate competencies varies, and the expectations about learning are held constant.  Students acquire and demonstrate their knowledge and skills by engaging in learning exercises, activities, and experiences that align with clearly defined programmatic outcomes. Students receive proactive guidance and support from faculty and staff.  Learners earn credentials by demonstrating mastery through multiple forms of assessment, often at a personalized pace.

Competency-Based Learning is rapidly changing, and new models are constantly emerging. In most competency-based programs, learning can occur in a wide variety of forms and settings, and students can receive regular support and encouragement along the way. Students are assessed using objective, performance-based tools that reinforce the rigor of programs. Many of these programs are designed as flexible, affordable options for students who are not served well by existing postsecondary programs. Students receive more intensive guidance and support from faculty and mentors and also have the option of accelerating their studies to save additional time and money.

How Does This Help Me?

Success in your career is based on what you know and what you can do. In that same spirit, EdvocatePD’s ultimate focus is on ensuring you possess the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. Each one of our certificate programs is developed by a council of experts in the field who define “competencies” students need to possess to be successful practitioners. These competencies form the curriculum. This combination of expertise in both industry knowledge and academics guarantees your program certificate will be relevant in your chosen field.

You earn your program certificate through demonstration of skills and knowledge in required subject areas through a series of carefully designed assessments. You’ll take tests, write papers, and complete assignments. But rather than focus on seat time or credit hours, we make sure you complete your certificate program as a highly competent professional.

Our unique approach offers you many advantages:

  1. Our “prove it” mentality means never having to spend time (or money) “re-learning” material you already know. Already have experience? Great! You can use it to complete assessments as soon as you’re ready. If you’re already competent in a subject area, you can prove it faster and complete your certificate program faster.
  2. You can accelerate your program (and save money). Whether it’s through prior experience or just plain hard work (or both), you can complete your certificate program as soon as you can successfully complete all of the necessary assessments. Since tuition is paid via a monthly subscription, if you’re able to finish faster, you can save both time and money.
  3. Your certificate will be recognized by employers and academia. Our competency-based approach is widely recognized by employers because it’s an approach used by most corporations as the basis for promotions and advancement.
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