Our Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition

P-20 education is becoming increasingly competitive. Because of this, a company’s value proposition has never been as important as it is now.

Earn Badges or Certificates

Whether you are looking to earn a certificate or badges, we have the resources you need. Upon completion of our courses, our students will go on to become master teachers and educational leaders. We are proud of the meaningful and important ways in which they will impact the field of education as a result of our courses and programs. We believe the best is yet to come as we move forward with new, innovative initiatives and a renewed mission to reach and enrich the lives of those we serve.


Access High Quality Courses and Instruction


The ultimate aim of education is, as John Dewey once indicated, to bring about a better condition of things than existed earlier. The specific goal that we have for educators is to maximize their learning. This does not simply mean that educators will be required to obtain and remember information presented in class; rather, they are required to apply their learning in their field of choice. Educators can only apply what they have seen modeled and what they themselves have experienced. A high level of involvement is encouraged within our student-centered, supportive environment.

We believe that we provide educators with advantageous learning experiences – ones that expand their scholarship. We further complement these with innovative methods that can be applied to extend their present knowledge base. In addition, we stay abreast of current research and trends in our disciplines by reading specialized reports, monographs and empirical studies, as well as participating in other professional growth activities. When our educators finish their experience with us, they have the credentials to take on any challenge and to compete in the global job market.

Pay a Tuition Rate that is Affordable 

Currently, there is a call for a more affordable education options, which makes sense. It comes on the heels of a recession that undercut the value of an education. Even those with a college degree were not immune to the financial hit that the economy took and those still paying off their student loans were often left without the very job they had always assumed would pay off their educational debts. At EdvocatePD, we believe that obtaining an education should be affordable. That’s why we offer packages that allow students to purchase a monthly subscription to our site. Did we mention that our programs are of the highest quality in addition to affordable?

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