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Dr. Matthew Lynch

Our founder is Dr. Matthew Lynch, an award-winning writer, activist, and the president of Edvocate PD. His career includes significant experience at multiple institutions where he has designed solutions that span the entire P-20 student life cycle. Most recently, he was the Dean at Virginia Union University, where he provided leadership for the Departments of Education, Psychology, and Social Work.

Before Dr. Lynch’s tenure at Virginia Union University, he was the chairman of the Department of Elementary/Special Education at Langston University and an Associate Professor of Education. Before that, he spent three years as an Assistant Professor of Education and Director of Secondary and Social Studies Programs at Widener University. He also spent seven years as a K-12 teacher – an experience that gave him an intimate view of the challenges facing education.

He founded EdvocatePD to offer a high-quality educational experience, at an affordable price. Dr. Lynch is dedicated to helping education professionals like you reach their limitless potential. Each year his site serves hundreds of thousands of people dedicated to improving P-20 education and prepared to handle the challenges that confront the field.

EdvocatePD accomplishes this by guiding educators through a curriculum that helps them understand what it means to be a professional and one that also assists them in developing the knowledge and skills needed to meet the demands of an ever-changing global society. Dr. Lynch wanted educators to have the opportunity to be taught and mentored by knowledgeable and compassionate faculty who put the needs of their students first every day.

His inspiration for creating EdvocatePD arose from the extraordinary opportunities available at this time to advance P-20 education. Our stakeholders, both internal and external, are aligned to support the learning environment as it seeks to realize its potential. As president, he brings “enthusiastic and forward-thinking leadership” that will mark the path to national eminence for EdvocatePD.

Please visit his website at www.drmattlynch.com for more information. Also, consider connecting with him via social media:

EdvocatePD’s Twitter: @edvocatepd

The Edvocate’s Twitter: @advocatefored

Dr. Lynch’s Twitter: @lynch39083

The Edvocate’s Facebook: theedvocate1978

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